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Fred Force 10, passion for sails Fred Force 10 is a creation of the House of FRED. With sports and maritime motifs they are an...
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Jewelry news and trends

Do you like to be a well-informed person? Are you passionate about the world of jewelry? Well, know that in this digital magazine you will be able to be pleased if it is about jewelry, costume jewelery and watches news. We will constantly update you with all this new information from the fascinating world of fashion, glamor and the style of rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches and other garments that are part of your daily life.

We’ll put the jewelery headlines on this site and you can find details of those events right here. If jewelery brands launch new designs, if the stone of your choice is the protagonist in a new unique and exclusive jewel or if new luxury watches have come onto the market, you will know it first hand here. We will let you know what trends in jewelry fashion are worn each season and the engagement rings chosen by the most famous couples of the moment.

In terms of news you can read here the stories of the great jewelry designers, their inspirations and the styles they use the most. Also in Joyas Paris you will know the brands, designs and preferences of your favorite personalities when buying their jewelry. We are sure that we can satisfy your most demanding needs to be up to date with everything that happens in the wonderful world of jewelry, costume jewelery and watches. We look for the news, you just have to get here and be our best ally.

In our Guide to jewelry, jewelry, Geomology ...

In Jewels Paris. We offer you a guide to accompany you on your tour of our digital magazine. Here are details of the raw materials that are used to make those pieces that highlight their beauty, elegance and personal style. If you love gold jewelry or silver jewelry, for example, here you will discover the essence of these and other metals, the reason for their colors, uses in jewelry and costume jewelery, we also advise you which one suits you best according to the tone of your skin.

Our guide is the perfect compilation for you to discover how that stone that you prefer to wear in your garments came about. You will find details of its history, characteristics, meaning, how to clean them and above all the properties that make it a special gem for your unique and exclusive jewels. Joyas Paris gives you this free and practical guide to help you discover a new world for some and magical for others.

It does not matter if you are a professional in the field, a collector or a simple amateur, what counts is that in this space of the web you discover a special universe. We propose you a journey through jewelry, costume jewelery, watches and pieces that adorn your life with a unique and different style. We made this build especially for you. May we guide you? Thank you for choosing us to come for a moment and stay forever.




Jewelry in Paris

If you came to this digital magazine looking for information about the world of jewelry, we tell you that you are in the ideal place. Thinking of you, we designed a specialized section on the subject. At Joyas Paris we have everything you need to learn about the history of jewelry and its meaning. We offer you those details that will tell you where that piece came from that today combines best with your elegant style. Our team has also prepared various materials on the stones that highlight the elegance of your jewelry.

These gems each have very unique meanings, different uses and special properties that will help you heal some ailments. If you want to discover which is your ideal stone, stay in this magazine designed especially for you. We will also tell you about the most recognized jewelry brands, their creators, styles in their designs and how to wear unique and exclusive jewelry.

In this section of Jewels Paris we give you interviews, updated information on this wonderful world, exhibition reviews, visits to workshops and other news. We invite you to a tour where you will discover details of the jewels, their origin, characteristics and above all those essences that give your piece a unique touch. We work for you, if you stay in this digital magazine it will be a privilege to have your visits.

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Jewelry news


Jewelry and costume jewelery have been part of our lives since ancient times. Imagine that the first inhabitants of the planet created pieces that were used for decorations, embellishing the figure and completing religious rituals. As it is always important to know the origin of things, at Joyas Paris we tell you the most interesting stories and attractive secrets of this fascinating world.

Discover where the jewels, costume jewelery, renowned brands and the stones that you wear in your unique and exclusive jewelery come from. We also have details of the emergence of the metals that you prefer to wear your garments and even the luxury watches that accompany you daily marking the time in your life. The pieces of jewelry we use today are modern, innovative and even personalized, but they all have an interesting story to tell behind them. If you are interested in delving into that magical world that explains the present from the experiences and dreams of the past, we are here to accompany you.

Joyas Paris will always update its contents so that you can learn about those legends, myths, traditions and stories that gave rise to jewelery, costume jewelery, watches and other pieces that today give your life a different style. We propose a trip to the past and in this section we do it through the time machine that you will know if you read our articles. We open a door for you that will lead you to know a part of yourself that you have not yet discovered.


Chanel : The Story

The brands of jewelry and watches are present..

Find your favorite brands on the magazine.

If you are a lover of jewelry, costume jewelery or watches from specific brands, here you can find all the information you are looking for on the subject. If you haven’t decided on a particular brand yet, we can also help you find your best style. Paris Jewelry offers you an important compilation of articles on jewelery brands, their history and development, elements that distinguish them and even the personalities who wear them. We also give them details from the world of watchmaking, those wonderful garments that mark the time in their walk through life. Our digital magazine will give you the necessary signals so that you know the watch you wear and define the luxury watch brand that best suits your personality.

And as we always think of our readers, we will also offer you news, history, design samples, images and videos of the best pieces and the big brands. Paris Jewelry is pleased to guide you through the different and most recognized brands of jewelry and watches that are part of your life. You select the option that you like the most or that best responds to your style, you will surely be able to fulfill the dream of having unique and exclusive jewelery or better yet personalized jewelery. If you already have a brand for your garments, here we provide you with all the information about it. If you have not defined it yet, you have reached the ideal place, this magazine has everything you need to help you make the best decision.

Watchmaking, its watches, its brands..

Clocks are necessary garments that mark the passage of time and count every second, minute and hour that we live. They are also the perfect pretext to combine the useful with the beautiful, since they are also present beautiful elements of jewelry or costume jewelery. Paris Jewelry proposes a section dedicated solely to that wonderful and incredible world of watchmaking. Here you will learn curiosities of the watchmaker’s trade, the history of these garments, the best luxury watch brands and which are the watches preferred by the famous ones that you follow in the world of sports, acting, music or other spheres of life.

In this space there will be no shortage of the latest watchmaking news, the designs that attract followers, the most popular creators and the brands that are setting trends. We will guide you if you need to know where to buy luxury watches. At Paris Jewelry, we think of all our readers and we give them details of women’s luxury watches to always be walking with time and highlighting their beauty. For those in the men’s sector we also dedicate interesting articles with details about men’s luxury watches. This section that we designed just for you is the ideal space to find everything you need to know about watches, styles and jewelry.

These garments mark the time of your life and we make the difference between all the magazines that offer you information about watchmaking. We work to satisfy your curiosities about luxury watches. Do you give us the pleasure of your complicity? It is a privilege to have you among our readers. Do not lose the way that we will always be waiting for you here.