Aquamarine the stone that evokes the sea.

This beautiful stone called aquamarine that evokes the sea, belongs to the cyclosilicate minerals and its chemical formula is Be3Al2Si6O18.

Its characteristic color is the characteristic pale blue green of beryl.

In the world of jewelry it is widely used to make various pieces, due to its hardness it allows a variety of cuts.

It is said that the origin of the word that names the stone comes from Latin.

The terms aqua and marinus were united so that this natural wonder always remembers the incomparable beauty of the sea.

Its sober and bright color offers a feeling of tranquility, as well as being close to the ocean.

This stone identifies the natives of the month of March and is found in metamorphic rocks and under mineral deposits of river sediments.

Its main deposits are in Brazil, Russia, Tanzania, India, Ecuador, the United States, Sri Lanka, Italy, Malawi, Kenya, among other nations.

Some of its history

History shows evidence of the presence of this stone since ancient times.

Aquamarine basins have been found in some Egyptian mummies that were placed between the bandages to protect the deceased on his way to the afterlife.

Its greenish blue color, acquired due to the iron content it possesses, made this gem a stone much adored by women, thanks to that similarity that links it to the immense and beautiful ocean.

In the Renaissance, this stone was linked to deities and goddesses of the sea.

They have been highly valued throughout history because they are often found in large, transparent crystals.

Alchemists of the Middle Ages thought that this mineral aided in fluid retention, digestion and also as an antidote to poisons.

As part of its history it is also told that in mythology powers were attributed to calm the fury of Poseidon the God of the sea or Neptune.

It was customary for sailors to put aquamarine amulets in the sea to calm the fury of those gods.

Characteristics of aquamarine

The characteristic color of aquamarine is greenish blue, due to its iron content, but the stone can also be subjected to thermal treatments in order to eliminate the green tone and darken the blue to give greater value to the gem.

She is transparent and does not present inclusions with the naked eye or looking at her with a magnifying glass.

To take it to the jewelry the favorable cuts are shiny and step, with rectangular or long shapes.

As for clarity, the highest quality are clear and transparent. Some may have mineral residues, which although it is somewhat unusual, cause a star effect or a cat’s eye effect with six rays in a vivid glow.

Similarly they can have inclusions of long, hollow bars, something commercial that have several beryls.


Aquamarine stones are classified according to where they are mined:

– The Boca-Rica aquamarine owes its name to the deposit from which it is extracted, reminiscent of sea foam and occurs in green tones.

– The Sao-Domingo aquamarine was discovered in a farm of the same name in Brazil and its shade is pastel blue.

– Santa María aquamarine is a very rare variety that comes from the homonymous locality in Itabira, Brazil. It has an intense blue in its coloring.

– The Ojo de Gato aquamarine has needle-shaped inclusions, distributed parallel to the inner part of the stone and reflecting light. Its name is due to its similarity to a cat’s eye.

– The Santa Teresa aquamarine has a very bright turquoise blue tone and is one of the most appreciated by lovers of these beautiful stones.

– Petra Blue Aquamarine is distinguished by a deep and darker blue tone.


There are many uses attributed to aquamarine. It is believed that through its calming power it favors the expression and communication of those who must speak in public or in front of several people.

It also stabilizes the emotions and inner storms of people, this is due to its similarity to the sea and its ability to move emotions.

Another of its valuable uses in the emotions of individuals is to free the body and soul from bad memories, anger, hatred, grudges, envy, jealousy and other negative feelings.

This gem provides a feeling of well-being and strengthens the energy system of people in the face of adverse situations.

It promotes purity and lightens the heart, makes it easier to assimilate and tolerate the criteria of others, favors empathy as well as acting very well on the chakra of the ercer eye and heart.

It also inspires feelings of peace, serenity and joy.

Healing powers in the human organism

Within the healing powers of the aquamarine stone it is attributed that it strengthens the bone system, specifically those of the cervical and mouth and is recommended for bruxism.

Strengthens the vocal cords and the pharynx, throat and larynx area, allowing better communication. It also cleanses the body, especially the blood, eliminating physical and emotional toxins.

Aquamarine regulates the heart rhythm and the nerves when we are upset, balances the thyroid and helps in skin problems.

Likewise, it strengthens the immune system, clarifies vision and, on the solar plexus, helps in the assessment of a person’s abilities.

Other powers it has are mind relaxation, stress reduction, allergy control, and harmonizing your environment.

It is ideal for meditating and aligning the chakras to balance your feelings and emotions.

Some stories tell that if you look intensely at an aquamarine on crescent moon nights you can predict future events and from the folkloric point of view it is ideal to win legal battles.

It was used in ancient ceremonies to attract rain and was thought to cure belching and yawning.

Aquamarine in jewelry store

The hardness and coloration of this stone make it widely used in jewelry.

It is ideal for rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other pieces.

It is considered the stone of the 19th anniversary of marriage and due to its symbolism of fidelity and peace, it is widely used to give in engagement rings or jewelry of special emotional significance.

For jewelery, this gem is worked with different cuts, depending on the characteristics of the stone and the piece in which it is to be placed.

The translucent showing the cat’s eye effect and asterism are not found very often and are cut and polished in cabochons.

On the other hand, the perfect six-sided crystals are ideal for hanging on necklaces, as well as those that have some problem that are cut in cabochons or spheres to place them on these pieces that adorn the neck of the females.

With those that have low quality and transparency, basins are made or polished to be mounted on bracelets or necklaces.

How to care for aquamarine stones?

Although it is a fairly hard stone, it is sensitive and fragile to heat and shock.

Cleaning with warm water and dishwashing liquid is recommended.

It is rinsed with clean water and then an alcohol solution is applied. It is also recommended to clean it with soapy water and a soft brush.

It can also be placed in a container with salt and left for a couple of hours there.

Then it is rinsed with running water and to recharge it can be placed under the moonlight throughout the night, and the next day it will be ready to be used again.

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