Black diamond

Black diamond or carbon diamond

Black diamond is also called carbon because it is opaque black, similar to carbon. That diamond is a polycrystalline agglomerate of crystals with carbon and graphite.

Within the wonders of nature, diamonds came to illuminate and beautify the entire site where they are.

Generally when naming that beautiful stone we think of its brightness and white or transparent color, but there are also black diamonds.

Black diamonds are rare and therefore their cost can be high, although there are also many in the stone and jewelry trade that are not original.

It is a symbol of protection and strength and is currently widely used in industry and jewelry, giving a distinctive and beautiful touch to the pieces that wear it.

These dark gems are not found in the most common places to mine diamonds. Its main deposits are in Brazil and Central Africa, in that African continent is where this type of black diamonds are most found and worked.

History of black diamonds

Until today various versions of the first find and history of this unique stone converge. One of the strongest is that it comes from a collision between Earth and an asteroid hundreds of millions of years ago.

The debris of this shock expanded through the atmosphere and fell on Africa and Brazil, countries that are currently highlighted with the presence of the gem.

Another version tells that a rebel monk stole a black diamond stone from a Hindu Brahma. That caused a curse to fall on the mineral and everyone who had it died.

By 1955 the stone was broken and the curse ended. Since then she has been assigned different special powers to heal the body and mind.

On the other hand, some report that black diamond was formed by the different conversions of coal when it was subjected to high temperatures and pressures.

Others also maintain that it arose from the radiation caused and exerted by the spontaneous fission between thorium and uranium.

The truth is that regardless of the origin, the stone has come into our lives to be used in the industry and above all to decorate beautiful pieces of jewelry that highlight the style and glamor of those who carry it with them.

It is the ideal option for those who decide to wear a diamond but prefer the mysterious and magical color of the night.

Characteristics of black diamond

Among the characteristics that stand out the most in this stone are its size and cut, since they are stones that do not reproduce or refract the brilliance of transparent diamonds.

Even so they exhibit their own shine thanks to the resistance and solidity of the stone.

It has a significant hardness and can only be grated by other diamonds, hence it is widely used in jewelry but also in pieces for industrial use.

Pure and authentic stones are of great value, especially when no colored impurities are found in them.

As they are extracted from their deposits, they go through a rigorous selection process to assess quality.

They are cut with diamond locks and their cut is done along the directions to enhance the focus and the sparkles of colors due to the scattering of light.

To recognize the authenticity of a black diamond it must have an opaque clarity, otherwise it is a copy or diamond heat treated to achieve the dark color.

They are difficult to carve and polish, so you will rarely find one with a perfectly crafted cut.

Its mass must be below 0.5 carats and its cost is high, otherwise you may not be facing a real black diamond.

Finally, each of these stones must have a certificate from a specialized gemology center.

Other characteristics that distinguish the black diamond, this time in the spiritual and psychological, are that it can open our spiritual doors through communication with ourselves. It connects with the seventh chakra to unite the body and the mind, it also represents valuable powers due to its hardness and strength.

Meaning of the black diamond

In the world of gemology, this unique diamond represents the will to succeed in life, the firmness and the love of couples for its ability to be indestructible.

It also means balance for our body, positive energy and joy to harmonize life.

It is considered useful to ward off depression, emotional distress and sadness.

In addition powers are attributed to him to break the barrier of the matter reason why it is used a lot in spiritual consultations of seers.

It is synonymous with physical and emotional stability, optimism, energy, strength and courage to face the challenges of everyday life.

Properties of black diamond

Black diamonds have many properties, among them stand out improving people’s energy, attracting wealth and power, raising self-esteem and above all stability and light in love life.

They also help attract fidelity, endurance, creativity, boldness, positivity and synchronization of our spirituality.

Many claim that it controls fear, pressure and protects the owner from negative energies, disease, sorcery, fire, water and theft.

If you use it on the left hand or neck, its powers will be greater and therefore you will be safer and with better positive energies to walk through life.

Uses of black diamond

Black diamonds are widely used today in the world of jewelry.

Many couples already use it in their engagement and wedding rings, since as a diamond it finally symbolizes love and fidelity.

They are also present in bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other pieces of unmatched beauty.

They look great in combinations with clear or other colored diamonds and stand out equally on gold, silver or other metal jewelry.

If you prefer dark colors, this is the ideal stone to show off your clothes of excellent quality and with a unique touch.

Due to their hardness they are also of great value in the industry. These diamonds are used as very good quality abrasives for carving tools or for drilling through hard materials such as subsurface survey instruments, diamond-tipped drills or diamond closures.

The tip of this diamond cuts different materials although they are hard and strong.

Cleaning and conservation of black diamonds

To clean a black diamond you can do it with hot water, but without exceeding the temperature.

You can add dishwasher detergent and after letting it soak for a while, remove dirt with a soft cell toothbrush.

You can still make a black diamond cleaning solution by mixing one part diluted ammonia with three parts water.

Soak the stone in that preparation for about an hour making sure it is completely covered.

When removing it clean it with the soft cell toothbrush and very carefully.

Make sure not to use detergents that contain chlorine and other aggressive chemicals that can damage the stone.

When using your jewel, try not to put your finger on it so that it does not have fingerprints or oils and dirt stick. After washing them, dry them with a soft cloth so they are shiny and shiny.

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