Blue chalcedony

Blue chalcedony: the stone that enchants for its color and shine

Blue chalcedony has a chemical composition similar to quartz, but it is a mixture called conmoganite.

This term defines a variety of cryptocrystalline minerals ranging from white to gray and others with a variety of colors.

It is also used to name the semi-precious stone that we show you today and that is distinguished by its blue color and the shine it radiates.

This gem is also known as blue agate and it is said that the name chalcedony was acquired by other Greek terms and by the port of Bithynia, in the Roman province located in present-day Turkey.

The most frequent way of finding them is forming in hydrothermal veins, in volcanic rocks and in sedimentary rocks.

The main deposits of blue chalcedony are located in countries such as Morocco, Uruguay, the United States, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, India, Aragon, Galicia, Brazil and others.

History of chalcedony: a protective stone

The history of blue chalcedony is varied and very ancient. In Greece, Egypt, Rome and Mesopotamia they used it in the manufacture of magical amulets, carved cameos and stamps.

It was also widely used in the decoration of rings, necklaces, pulses and other pieces.

In other historical eras such as the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, blue chalcedony was a favorite of gem cutters, collectors and jewelers, as well as some decoration artists and experts.

The truth is that antiquity and more to the present are attributed special powers that make it a unique stone.

It was widely used in different cultures and times because it is believed that it helps to make important decisions, stimulates reflection and offers tranquility, calm and peace.

It was widely used in pieces that were intended to be protective amulets and in various rituals.

This beautiful gem also has its bit in the history of the Christian religion.

In the bible it is referred to as one of the twelve stones that were given to Moses, who had them set on Aaron’s chest by order of God. Those dozen gems represented the sons of James.

Characteristics of blue chalcedony: a gem that gives peace

One of the characteristics of blue chalcedony is that it has a vitreous luster and significant hardness. It is transparent to lucid and with a conchoid fracture.

When subjected to a polishing process, its white and blue betas stand out.

Something that distinguishes it from quartz is that it does not form highly developed crystals, rather small and that they are not appreciated as easily.

It is not an expensive or exotic gem today, values ​​that stood out in it in older times.

It is very easy to work with in the jewelry world because it is a soft stone. Its use goes mainly towards decoration and jewelry, especially some specific varieties with a unique natural pigment.

Chalcedony and its most recognized uses

Since ancient times, blue chalcedony was considered a stone with healing effects on different ailments.

It is also highly recommended to attract peace, calm, tranquility and clears negative thoughts.

Neck and throat conditions can also improve with some varieties of this mineral.

Other uses for blue chalcedony are for people who are shy, stage frightened, and have trouble communicating with a large group of people or have to speak in public.

It allows the fluidity of thoughts and words if it is preferably used in a pendant.

The negative energies jealousy, envy, resentment and bad vibes are undone when they make contact with this stone, that is why it is useful to protect us and energize us with all the positivity possible.

It is advisable to carry it with you to achieve this benefit and also place one in any part of the home so that it does the same with all the members of the family.

Blue chalcedony is also used for deep sleep. It can be placed under the pillow so that it absorbs all the negative energy that we accumulate during the day.

Accompanying us with her at night can help us face a new day totally renewed and with positivity.

Special meanings for Blue Chalcedony stone

Each stone has its special meanings, although some share characteristics, colors, or healing powers.

Blue chalcedony signifies maternal instinct and love, since since ancient times it was considered a mother stone.

It is capable of taking away bad dreams and nightmares, also radiates peace, tranquility and a sober atmosphere in the personal and family spheres.

It is a stone that can transform sadness into joy, the negative into positive, problems into solutions, and it favors language, communication and exchange in public.

The best tips for cleaning and maintaining a blue chalcedony

This gem can be cleaned under running water or by leaving it in a container with pure water for two or three hours. It can also be placed in a container with salt that covers it completely and then rinsed.

It is not recommended to use synthetic or chemical cleaners for this process because they can damage the stone and its characteristics.

Another way to clean your crystals is to place it in a white quartz druse or geode.

He has the property of cleaning and energizing the space where he is and the objects that are placed on him.

This technique is highly recommended in jewelry, where the stones are combined with metals, threads, elastics and other different gems.

You can also blow gently on the stone to purify the air, bury it in sand or a pot for several hours and pass it through the smoke of a natural incense or a candle.

To charge it, it is useful to give it sunlight, but for a short time, remember that the star king can modify the color of some stones.

If you are going to place it under the moon it can be more than one night so that it absorbs good energies to share them with you later.

To better preserve your blue chalcedony, do not match it with other stones, although it has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale it can be grated by other gems and metals.

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