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Tips for the care and cleaning of your jewelry

Jewels need care

Gold and silver , precious stones and their combinations are your jewels. Unique, expensive, beloved, exclusive, these garments are part of your life.

All of them become darker or darker over time and need some pampering that only the jeweler can expertly do, but you too can learn to keep them in perfect condition by following our instructions.

It is true, on many pages on the internet you can find these tips, the difference is that we will give you the right ones because we care about your jewelry.

Stay with us and you will not only learn how to care for high jewelry but we will add you how to care for jewelry.

General tips for caring for jewelry


Jewels lose shine as time goes by, especially if they are silver or gold-plated, when they are exposed to the sun, temperature changes, sweat and others.

The good news is that they can be washed, although as a first general recommendation we advise you not to sleep with them. Nor should you bathe or play sports if you have them on.

Know that certain substances can damage your jewelry , these include cleaning products, colonies or perfumes, sea water, sweat, among many others.

Clean jewelry

Jewelry cleaning is important. It is like the bath you take every night before going to bed. After cleaning the jewels shine again in their original splendor and will be like new. Since we will no longer offer you specific details, follow us to learn how to do it in each case, whether they are diamonds, or pearls, or if they are gold and silver, for each one, special care.

Save the jewelry

The way you store your jewelry will also affect how well or badly they are preserved. Many people put them in a box and rub against each other.

This happens without taking into account how important it is to save them separately and other details that you will also know if you continue reading to the end.

Gold jewelry

Gold jewelry is generally not blackened. However, over time they can lose shine or accumulate dirt due to the bad habits we have to do almost all of our routine without removing them.

So today we give you a small guide to learn how to take care and keep jewels as the first day.

Fill a container with warm water and pour a small amount of detergent into it until you get soapy water.

Then immersed the gold jewelry in the solution and let them stand soak for 30 minutes or so, so dirt loosening go.

After that time take a brush and gently rub them, it can be one of teeth with soft bristles, the softer the better. Submerge again and to finish dry with a soft cloth.

Some recommend using a few drops of ammonia for gold garments if they are heavily soiled. They say that added to the soapy water they clean them more quickly and efficiently.

Our recommendation only goes to soapy water, we do not recommend using ammonia, because of the risks that it involves for both human health and jewelry, it could damage the alloy of metals or encrusted pearls or stones .

If in doubt, better visit a specialist on the subject.

Silver jewelry

Silver , although very popular, is less resistant than gold.

Almost all of us have a silver object or garment at home and we can see how, with time, little by little, they lose their shine and become blacker, what to do then?

The first method to keep silver pieces, especially jewelry, very clean is to use a guide and detergent.

If it’s not so opaque, the soapy water may be enough to make them look shiny again like the first day. Rub gently and gently with your fingers and rinse. Remember that the temperature can not be hot, but warm and to finish dry with a soft cloth.

Baking soda is also ideal for cleaning silver jewelry. We recommend making a paste with a mixture of baking soda and warm water.

Then gently rub the garment with your fingers with this paste. Rinse with warm water and dry with a clean, soft cloth.

The last recommendation comes with clean silver salt and the foil . Must fill a container with hot water, mix well with a salt tablespoon.

After taking aluminum paper, place it at the bottom of the container and introduce the silver jewel within the container on paper.

Wait a few minutes, take out the silver piece and rinse it with warm water. Dry with a soft and clean cloth, you will see that it will look like new.

Other tips on how to clean the silver when iti is black.

In addition to the tips offered to clean silver jewelry there are other small warnings that we should give you.

Do not use chemicals, gold cleaners, ultrasound cleaners, or ammonia products. The substance can damage the stones and the garment in general, in addition to that if you do not master its correct use, your health will also be at stake.

The so-called magic alpaca silver cottons can be used in jewelry with a shiny finish, but not with other textures because they can be damaged. After using cotton clean with soap and water jewel and removes all types of waste chemical by which eventually may damage.

You should know that cleaning silver with baking soda and a cloth is a good technique for jewelry with a matte, sand or ice finish, but it is not recommended for jewelry with a shiny finish because it scratches the surface and spoils it.

Rhodium silver jewelry has to be cleaned with cloth of cotton or flannel. Paper, polyester and other fabrics can scratch the surface of the jewel. Dampen the cloth with lukewarm water with dishwasher and rub gently.

To clean gold – plated silver, dishwasher soap and water is effective. The repeated soft bristle brush will always be an effective instrument to complement cleaning as it reaches all the most complicated corners. To end immediately dry with a cotton cloth.

Finally I tell you that silver oxidizes very easily when having contact with oxygen or sulfides. To prevent this rust you should only wear your jewelry frequently, the natural fats of the skin help to prevent this oxidation.

Silver can be cleaned with bicarbonate, but minerals can not . Be careful with those that are mounted with some material such as silk thread.

How to clean pearls?

Pearls are very sensitive to chemicals and therefore require special care, especially since the skin produces acids that can damage them.

We recommend cleaning only with a soft cotton cloth after each use so that they do not lose their shine. Oh, and if there is dirt that won’t be removed, try cleaning them with the same damp fabric with warm water and neutral pH soap, this tip is foolproof.

How to clean the diamonds?

Diamonds are brilliant stones by nature and if they are well kept and clean, reflect the light better and last larger. To keep them clean, use warm, not hot, water and ammonia.

The ratio would be a bowl with ¾ of warm water and ¼ of ammonia for a few minutes.

Then gently rub them in with a soft bristled brush. Also remember that ammonia is only for diamond jewelry because they damage other types of precious stones.

¿ How to clean jewelry ?

Even it hasn´t the monetary value of a jewel, it does on the emotional level. We buy and use them fondly, even though we know they will not last forever.

To preserve them and to accompany us for a longer time, they need very different care than gold and silver garments, and that depends on the material in which they are made.

Effervescent aspirin

To clean the jewelry, dilute a pill in a glass of water and add the garment. This solution is useful especially in materials such as stainless steel, it does not take away its color nor will be aggressive with the material itself.

To finish dry with a cloth, you will see the results.

Baking soda

Baking soda is another option while cleaning your jewelry. You just have to moisten one to cloth with water and baking soda and have a very smooth over the part to remove the opaque, you’ll notice the changes.

The cream to remove makeup from the eyes

Although it may seem incredible, the cream to remove makeup can be used to clean jewelry.

When they become opaque, dampen a cotton ball with the eye make-up remover and rub the entire piece , you will see how it recovers its original shine, a simple trick with effective results.

Transparent nail polish or smooth nail polish

The cheapest costume jewelry may be the one that breaks down most easily. For example, rings can stain your fingers a green color, especially if you sweat too much.

We propose you to apply the transparent nail polish or smooth shine on the rings, they will look like new and will not leave any stain.

Liquid soap

Glass, crystal or plastic jewelry is easier to clean. You should only use liquid soap or detergent to wash dishes and with the help of a soft bristled toothbrush clean well. Dry with a soft dry cloth.


An effective jewelry cleaning remedy is toothpaste. Sure, it’s been more popular for cleaning silver, but if your jewelry is silver plated, it will work for you , too. Apply paste and clean with a toothbrush.

Soft cloth

If your garment is not dirty, just a little opaque, there will be no need to apply any substance, the remedy is very simple. Just rub gently and steadily with a soft cloth.

Once you have recovered the shine and is shiny, I advise you to store the jewelry in a bag or in an airtight box.

Another trick to keep them neat and clean is to add or place them on a kitchen paper towel, you will avoid staining all your costume jewelry.

Or other effective tips for caring for jewelry

In addition to all the above tips, there are others that can be added to care for garments in general, be they jewelry or costume jewelery. Here are those recommendations.

Don’t sleep with your jewelry

Never sleep with your jewelry. This is basic advice that you should not violate. While we sleep the skin sweats whether in summer or in winter, and we all know that sweat mars silver and gems.

In addition, it is important that you know that sweat is not beneficial for your skin, it can also be irritated or dirty with rust.

Don’t bathe with your jewelry

Avoid bathing with your clothes and do not wash your hands if you use them, if possible. In principle nothing happens, but for example, in the case of a necklace, since it is made up of gems joined with a thread, it becomes wet and can rot and break over time.

Another example could be bracelets, a favorite garment for women anywhere in the world.

The silicone that joins the parts that make it up when it comes into contact with water and the sun, can lose elasticity or widen. One fact that we add is that silver pieces generally oxidize faster on contact with water.

It has happened many times that when we remove the ring in the sink to wash our hands, we forget it there. So that this does not happen, never leave it on top of the sink, if it is possible put it in a pocket while you wash and dry your hands.

Put the perfume on before your accessories

Another fundamental recommendation has to do with the aromas, which in the end, are also pure chemistry. Put the perfume before your accessories. Then wait until the skin is dry and put on the jewelry.

If you do it backwards you will notice how alcohol damages them.

Only the jeweler can do it

If you’re not able to tell the tips apart, don’t experiment on your own. The specific chamois using jewelers is the only non risky method to the handmade jewelry, especially if l levan pearls, pearl , coral, lapis lazuli and turquoise.

For other gems it would be neither so harmful nor recommended.

Ask your jeweler for help, in its stock it has ultrasonic cleaners , devices that use vibration to clean the most delicate objects .

Protect them from light

If you are not going to wear your jewelry for some season, store them in a box or in your jewelry box, preferably wrapped in a soft cloth and separated so that they do not scratch when rubbing against each other.

Do not leave them exposed to light because the process of oxidation will accelerate and then you will be much more difficult to clean.

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