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Chaumet Paris jewelry workshop

Chaumet shows us around his workshop.

The Maison de joaillerie Chaumet was founded in 1780 by Napoleon I’s appointed jeweler.

His descendants and the accompanying torch have been passed continuously from one foreman to another for over 230 years.

The talented Parisian Jeweler had several addresses in the heart of Paris, eventually settling in Place Vendôme in 1810.

The Baudard de Saint James hotel at number 12, the head office of the Maison de Joaillerie, houses both the creation studio, the Haute Joaillerie workshop, the 18th century salons classified as a Historic Monument, and the boutique.

Place Vendôme has always concentrated the power, creation and know-how of exceptional jewelers.

Chaumet’s jewelry creations bear witness to its Parisian taste, in each era it reflects this exceptional know-how, and reveals the little-known art of the language of love.

The jewelry store owes a lot to Chaumet in the sense that it has given new meaning to the word luxury jewelry.

From an authentic jewelry and goldsmith’s workshop, we can feel in our eyes the passion for exceptional jewelry, the imagination on edge, which results in pieces of unparalleled price and quality.

Chaumet marked its presence at the biennial of antiques in Grand Palis in 2012 in a masterly way by presenting beautiful jewels, which will remain in the memory of those who admired them.

The presence of many renowned jewelers, all present at Place Vendôme in Parsi, made it possible to bring together in one place, a veritable fortune in jewels, gold and diamonds, as rarely had been the case in the past.

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