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A coronavirus mask of gold and diamonds

$ 1.5 million for a coronavirus mask

$ 1.5 million will be the price of the latest coronavirus mask on the market.

Israeli designer Isaac Levy presents his mask crafted in 18-carat white gold and decorated with 3,600 black and white diamonds.

The mask is not only glamorous, it will also be equipped with highly rated N99 filters at the buyer’s request.

According to the Israeli jewelery company Yvel working on the project, this will be the most expensive coronavirus mask in the world.

In dialogue with the press at the Yvel facilities, Levy already showed some of the pieces that will make up the mask covered in diamonds. One of these gold plates has a hole for the filter.

Levy, who is the owner of the company, revealed that the buyer, a Chinese businessman living in the United States, asks that the protective piece be finished by the end of the year and that it be the most expensive in the world. Of the two, the latter was the easiest to achieve.

Unnecessary, but useful in two ways

The construction of this attachment may seem unnecessary at first glance. And it is that finding a mask at such a price and with such decoration is a matter of extravagance, not counting the global economic crisis and unemployment.

Grateful for the opportunity for his company and employees in times of trouble, Levy said the owner will be pleased with the final product.

The mandatory mask in public spaces in many countries will weigh more than half a pound, almost 100 times more than a typical one. It will not be practical, but it will give its owner a chance to protect himself and attract attention.

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