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Rare diamonds, and its different colors

What are rare diamonds?

Everyone knows, the diamond gem, this precious stone of incredible hardness symbolizing unity and reconciliation.

Depending on its color, a diamond can be very rare. The rarer a diamond, the higher the price.

Rare diamonds, diamonds of different colors:

The world of colored diamonds is apart, with fresh and shimmering colored stones.

Rare and colored diamonds often have impurities which form their symmetrical structure.

Because of these, the majority of the absorbed colors remain trapped in the gem. Rare diamonds emit only one color.

The color of the diamond can be due to an inclusion or other (natural irradiation, graining, defects linked to hydrogen ..) In the colors of the rainbow, these diamonds are distinguished by their intensity in hue and saturation.

These colored diamonds are very rare, for 10,000 colorless diamonds found, only one colored diamond is discovered. Now let’s see these different colors and their attributes.

The different colors of rare diamonds:

The rarest and most expensive red diamond of all, owes its fabulous color to the presence of nitrogen reinforced by the extreme pressure subjected to the stone during its formation.

The abnormal compression of its structure results in its fascinating red color. On the diamond market since its discovery in 1988, the value of this rare diamond remains invaluable.

But it can be traded at more than two million US per carat. The purple diamond meanwhile, is also quite rare, also called “purple diamond” it reaches more than 300,000 dollars per carat.

In 2002, international star Jennifer Lopez made a splash with her engagement ring with a pink diamond that Ben Affleck had given her. It sold for more than a million dollars per carat. There are also black, orange, gray diamonds …

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