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Fred Force 10 collection

Fred Force 10, passion for sails

Fred Force 10 is a creation of the House of FRED. With sports and maritime motifs they are an eternal sample of the creative, everyday and joyful.

It is a collection of bracelets with laces and interchangeable handles inspired by the nautical world and its passion for sails.

Force 10, a family story

Fred Samuel, creator of “Le Moderne Joaillier Créateur” in 1936 was passionate about sports.

That taste for various sports disciplines, including sailing, he transmitted to his children without knowing that this would be the reason for the creation of one of the most important pieces of the house.

It was during a walk in 1966 when during a walk, the eldest son had the idea of braiding marine cables and with a shackle he fixed the ends, thus the first Force 10 design was created.

The name refers to the wind during a storm.

Fred Force 10, a unique jewel from Fred

When the Fred Force 10 bracelet was created. The materials used to make it were gold and steel, a novel proposal. Modern and unisex, it offers a collection of bracelets in different colors and sizes.

The collection in small, medium and large garments ranges from black, silver, gold such as yellow, orange, turquoise.

The shackle that functions as a clasp is made of gray, yellow or rose gold, although it can also be made of ceramic, lacquered or set with diamonds.

Although they distinguish the pulser Force 10, also offered rings, necklaces and watches.

Fred himself admits that he was inspired by the infinity symbol, a constant meaning of love, power and movement. His creations are, therefore, like his longed-for Argentine landscapes, a jewel in the memory and spur of the imagination.

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