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Gold or Silver : You decide

Gold or Silver: Which one is perfect for you?

Gold is one of the most valuable metals for making jewelry in the world. The pieces that are made with it have a singular shine and go very well in any time of the day. On the other hand, silver is also one of the most used to make those beauties that highlight our beauty and style.

Each of these metals has its followers in the public who buy and wear jewelry, but do you really know which one is ideal for you?

In these lines we give you valuable information so you can choose what suits you best. We don’t pretend to tell you which jewelry to wear, that’s up to you, we just want to show you which one is perfect for you to look stunning.

Gold or silver according to your skin type

Generally to choose a jewel made with gold or silver you choose the one you like the most for its appearance, color, brightness or simply for its value as a metal. But in the world of fashion there are some tricks so you know which one really suits you best. The jewelry you wear will highlight your image better if you choose the ideal one.

The secret is to know if your skin type is cold or warm, and that has nothing to do with your body temperature. Generally, people with brown teas and who get a tan on beach days have warm skin and the jewels that suit you best are gold. These clothes enhance your color and the natural features of your face.

In addition, beige, pastel, ochre, orange and some similar colors suit you very well. Although silver also feels good on you, your skin says that gold is the one that gives it the most shine.

On the other hand, there are those with white teas that turn red if they get too much sun, these have warm skin and silver suits them better, although if you love gold above all, you can opt for jewelry made of this metal but in its white or pink tone, so you can wear the material you like and more in line with your characteristics.

For you, green, lilac, blue, yellow and pink are ideal. Silver jewellery is easier to keep and is ideal for combinations with shades that are worn a lot in this period, such as pastel and beige.

Tricks to know your skin tone

Although we’ve explained how to determine whether you’re warm or cool-skinned and whether gold or silver suits you better, you may have doubts because there are many skin tones in humans.

Now we give you a couple of tricks that will help you with more accuracy. Look for two clothes or items that are one pink and one orange and put them next to your skin.

You can look in front of a mirror and see for yourself which one matches you best and highlights your skin color. If pink suits you best, you are cold-skinned and if orange suits you, you are warm-skinned.

Another detail that will help you, and it’s even easier, is in your arms. Turn them over and look at the veins on your wrist. People with cold skin often have those veins with a bluish tone, which are warm skin tone is closer to green.

The ideal stones for your skin type

Those who have cold skin and are better off with silver or white gold jewelry may also wonder what colors of stones go best with me and my jewelry? The answer is quite simple according to your skin tone.

Aquamarines, amethysts, garnets, rubies, topaz and sapphires are ideal, although there is a wide range of stones and colours. You can choose others but always remembering the tones that best suit your skin. It matters a lot what we like, but also what suits us best.

For those who live with lighter and warmer skin, silver jewelry is ideal, as we told you in the previous lines. But it’s also important to know which stones look better on those beautiful pieces that will give us a different style. According to the colors that suit you best, you can choose stones such as amber, jades, emeralds, turquoises or others that combine with you perfectly.

The truth is that according to your skin type you can wear gold or silver, but the final decision depends on what you like and how you feel more comfortable and beautiful. The jewelry is to highlight your style and image and choosing the ideal will help you a lot in that endeavor. Beyond the trends or canons of fashion is important how you look, but especially how you feel about yourself.

Gold or silver? furs and jewelry allergies

We already told you that metal and stones go better with your jewelry and the type of skin you have, but it is also important that you discover which one suits you better beyond aesthetics and beauty.

Wearing gold or silver beyond having brown or warm, white or cold skin, will also depend on how your body assimilates these metals. The metals in jewelry can be perfect and make you look divine, but some of them can also cause allergies.

When wearing a new piece of clothing, you may feel itching, discomfort, change in color in the area where you wear it and even experience some injury. At that point you may ask yourself, “What’s wrong with real jewelry? What happened to the gold or silver?

Gold or silver attached to other metals

It is important for you to know that these metals are never worked in their pure state. To make those beautiful jewels that you have at home and wear with pride, it is necessary to alloy the gold or silver with other metals to give it the shape that you wear. Your allergy may be to nickel, alpaca, bronze, copper or other metals used in jewelry.

It can also happen that your allergy is to gold or silver, this is not very common but there are exceptions.

If you want to continue to wear your gold or silver jewellery and have an allergy, you can also evaluate some variants. In the case of gold, the more karat the jewellery has, the higher the percentage of pure gold it has and therefore the less metal it is alloyed with. For silver this is determined by its degree of purity, if this is higher it means that the jewel has a higher percentage of silver than other components.

We still recommend that you evaluate which metal you are allergic to and you can determine which jewelry suits you best. For example, in the case of yellow, white or pink gold, the metals that are combined to give the desired color are not the same. This can make it easier for you to choose a piece of jewelry that fits your delicate skin and always fits perfectly.

In addition, you can evaluate if your allergies persist in the use of hypoallergenic surgical steel jewelry.

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