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The indispensable jewelry box to protect your jewelry

The jewelry boxes to store your jewelry

The jewelry box is an item used to store accessories, whether they are legitimate jewelry or costume jewelry, but centuries ago they had another use, important documents were kept in them.

At that time they were made of ebony, silver, porcelain, gold , ivory and covered with silk. Famous are the cabinets used by Marie Antoinette, today preserved in Windsor and Versailles.

Other very famous were the Roman jewelers made of ivory.

Today they have changed their use because from document storage they have gone on to store all kinds of accessories, such as earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, clips, anklets and other pieces for special occasions.

When you start buying jewelry and you only have one or two, jewelers are not necessary, but once you buy more, they are essential.

For your taste and play with the scenery that surrounds it, there are different types. If you continue with us you will meet them and learn a lot about this important piece used to store your accessories.

Small and big jewelry boxes

When you are looking for a jewelry box for your clothes you must choose whether you will buy it large or small.

The little ones are appropriate to keep special pieces, it can be a family heirloom, a gift from someone who is important from the emotional point of view or a garment of very personal meaning. Generally they have space to store three or four accessories.

The largest ones allow you to store a large number of accessories because those models have specific drawers, partitions and compartments for each one. These can be placed on the dresser, on the nightstand, in the closet, on a sideboard or on a shelf in the bathroom.

Advantages and disadvantages of jewelers

Among the advantages that give us the jewelers are able to store our clothes carefully, serve as decoration, have internal divisions to avoid damaging each other and find them in various colors, shapes, sizes and designs.

And among its disadvantages are that they can be very expensive for high quality jewelry and find them without partitions, in this model they can be frequently disorganized and damage the pieces.

The best materials to design a jewelry box

We can find them in different materials such as wood, silver, plastic, cloth, glass, metal, acrylic, ceramic, crystal and natural stones such as marble.

The wooden ones are special and very liked by all. It is said to have essential qualities to preserve the shine of the jewelery and that in particular, dark-colored models such as mahogany are ideal for storing gold pieces.

They can also be found in white and decorated with floral paintings also can be decorated to the personal taste of the owner with designs of flowers and leaves.

The most classic models are inspired by French Rococo from the 17th and 18th centuries or by Art Deco from the 20th century and are adorned and carved with flower and leaf designs.

MDF models are sturdy and can be found in many shades. You can also find versions decorated with artisan techniques such as decoupage, application of precious stones and fabrics.

Silver jewelry boxes are themselves luxurious pieces. They are not usually very large, but they fulfill their function basic to save accessories well organized.

Jewelry boxes prices

Precisely the material of the jewelry box is a decisive factor in the price. There are more less economic models.

The cheapest start at $ 10 and depending on the manufacturer or m aterial and even antiquity, can raise its price to $ 100 , $ 300 or options more sophisticated worth more than $ 1,000.

You can buy them in conventional stores or opt for online stores such as Amazon and Mercado Livre, more offers and better prices.

Most popular and used types of jewelers

Conventional jewelry box

The conventional jewelry box, as its name indicates, is the most used model for centuries. It will not only serve to store accessories but also to decorate the environment and can have various shapes, colors, styles, materials and sizes.

Jewelery box at night

The Jewelery box at night is more practical in the sense that it will serve to store jewelry, but at the same time you will be using the space of a piece of furniture.

It is usually the top drawer of the nightstand or dresser and people sometimes choose it for safety reasons.

Is the convenience of having your belongings in a piece of furniture at night , very close, so you take better care of them, this is one more thought on a psychological level.

The bedside table with jewelry box is equipped with different partitions. The accessories are stored in the first drawer and in some cases, they are equipped with hooks for necklaces and earrings.

There are also sideboards with this same arrangement. Almost always these models have a glass cover, the accessories arranged inside the drawer can be seen without opening the cabinet.

Wall jewelery box

The wall jewelry box is useful for those who have many items, especially necklaces. It can be lineal or frame-like in shape and size. It is not the most recommended because the parts are exposed to air, dust and humidity and can be damaged.

This model can be bought in decoration stores , some have doors, such as a wardrobe. Its greatest advantage of the wall jewel box is that it adapts to a greater number of pieces, even leaving the necklaces open.

There are three models of wall jewelry: the built-in model with a mirror door and the smallest model, with a shape and dimensions similar to those of a frame.

Travel jewelry box

Almost no one decides to travel with their most valuable clothes, but if this is your case, the travel jewelry box will allow you to carry a small number of accessories while you travel.

It is shaped like a case, usually made of leather on the outside and velvet on the inside and a cord that securely stores all the pieces.

It has some hooks and internal partitions that allow you to organize earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces separately , you can have several of this kind at the same time and put them in different bags without taking up too much space.

Tips when buying a jewelry box

You must take into account several aspects when choosing your jewelry box. Your collection first. See if you have large and small pieces. In this case you should choose one large enough to store the current clothes and those that you will buy in the future.

If you have a small collection, you can buy or make yourself a jewelry box with drawers or a jewelry organizer.

The size and design of the jewelry box influences the decoration of your room and at the same time it is practical, beautiful and comfortable.

There are also several models with different finishes, which combine or contrast with any style . You just have to choose the right one.

A good jeweler is characterized by using robust materials on the outside and by using interior materials and finishes that allow the storage and organization of different sizes of jewelry pieces.

We recommend the wooden ones, resistant to knocks and falls.

A safe jewelry box

Everything said before is important. The size, design and materials identify that we have chosen well, but also security is another necessary characteristic.

It must be designed so that when you close it or when you open it, the pieces do not fall on the floor or get stuck in the interior spaces.

If your collection groups jewels such as medium-sized gemstones , or pendants with bulky parts, do not choose one with drawers, the clothes can become locked and damaged when opened.

For this case, you better choose jewelry boxes for necklaces, jewelry cabinets or jewelry boxes. These varieties do not provide a larger space to hang and store jewelry.

How to store valuable jewelry?

When we have valuable jewelry at home, our best jewelry box should be the safe, but if you don’t want to put all your jewelry in it, you can buy a very discreet jewelry box so that it goes unnoticed in the eyes of thieves.

Jewelery mirrors are a good example. These use the width of the structure to store the jewelry and the frame with the mirror simulates the appearance of a traditional mirror.

If you hang it on the wall, they will not notice it, some models include keys.

What to consider when choosing a jewelry box?

To choose the jeweler suitable for saving your accessories, should know some characteristics of the product marking shall the facility to store and care for your garments.

Your jeweler must meet the criteria for Format and Size , Coating , Partitions , Details and Extra Features.

Format and size

Jewelers can be found in different formats such as box, briefcase, drawer, bedside table style, the case very suitable for traveling and with other whimsical shapes such as flowers and hearts.

As for its format varies, they can be small, medium and large, all depends on your space and the amount of accessories.


The jeweler’s coating is essential so that very delicate garments are not damaged. We recommend buying one lined, especially if velvet, ideal for storing jewels and semi-jewels, pieces that require special care.

We add as important information that the linings can be found in other types of fabric such as linen or cotton, but regardless of the type of fabric, the most important thing is to choose a lined and padded model, because the lining preserves the accessories.


Jewelers Partitioned are very practical and let the accessories organized in different areas according to the style and material of the workpiece.

In general, they are organized according to the type of accessory, so you will find in the jewelry box a ring drawer, a partition for wide necklaces, another for ear hooks , another for chains and so on.


If we take into account that in addition to storing clothes, the jeweler has the function of decorating the room, then we must be careful when choosing it.

The details that include the colors, the material and the way in which they are decorated, is very important.

You can find jewelers with details in metals as the silver and the gold, copper applications, crystals, decorations made of natural or synthetic stones, models designed with paints, among many others.

Extra features

The extra features are no less important. These are safety and comfort. Safety comes from choosing a lockable one so that the garments are secure, something vital if you have metal jewelry or precious stones.

Comfort comes with the mirror, this will allow you not only keep your jewelry but watch you while you choose which carry for every occasion.

Other novel ideas for choosing a jewelry box

A porcelain cup can be your jewelry box

Porcelain bowls and cups of the same material for coffee or tea can serve as makeshift jewelers to put on your dresser. You could also place them in the bathroom, dresser or in the dressing room.

Porcelain usually brings beautiful designs, you can make a nice combination and save your accessories.

Jewelry boxes

There are people who prefer to keep their jewels in boxes, one box for each jewel. At the end is a series of very small boxes inside a larger one that can fit in a drawer.

The boxes are ideal for birthday gifts.

The door jewelry box

If you have many jewels and it is not enough to store them in the cups or boxes proposed before, then we suggest the door jewelry box. It’s the type that hangs behind the door, and also has a mirror for you to look at while you get ready.

You can find this kind of jewelers in many stores, but if you search online you will have more opportunities to compare designs and prices.

The B everly LED Over The Door , Jewelery Armoire with Mirror , Stories Arnav LED Over The Door, and Jewelery Armoire with Mirror & Reviews are all different models.

Turn the fruit bowl into a makeshift jewelry box

If you are one of the people who likes to have jewelry in sight, so as not to waste time while you get ready, a new idea may be to use a fruit bowl that has several floors and trays and use it to store your accessories.

You can find them fixed or removable, and of various models and colors, you just have to find the right one to decorate your room.

Decorater with the earrings

If you are one of those who desperately loves earrings and you like to show them you can hang them on wooden frames and make attractive combinations, that way you will find them easier and they will beautify your room.

In the internet you can find easy decorating ideas or buy models.

A natural wall jewelry box

If initiative and originality are involved, you could apply a novel idea. You can make your jewelry improvised with logs and ropes to attach the to the wall, and one with hooks for hanging necklaces and bracelets.

If you are creative, you will achieve something impressive so that all your jewelry can be seen and at the same time harmonize with the environment.

Glass boxes

If you do not like opaque boxes because you can not see from the outside what bracelets, earrings, brooches or necklaces are inside, glass boxes are what you need.

We advise you not to overfill them with accessories so they do not get damaged and look better as decorative elements on your dresser.

A jewelry box hanging mirror

When we talk about initiatives, it implies that we can improvise, especially if the space in the room is not enough.

A mirror hanging on the wall offers us its frame to hang the jewels, you just have to be careful when placing them so that they do not steal the visual space of the mirror itself.

There are also official models of mirrored wall jewelers, designed inside to hang all kinds of accessories.

A standing mirror with wheels

Many ideas come to us when looking for the right thing for our demanding tastes. If you are one of those who cannot stop moving the furniture in your room, you need a standing mirror with wheels.

It is simple, a floor mirror that incorporates wheels to move it wherever you want, and inside it has a XXL size jewelry box so you can store all your jewelry.

Drawer with spacers

We can use the drawers for jewelry just like we do for socks, ties, belts or underwear. You find models online organizers for drawers with compartments, Safety s Storage Foldable, cabinet organizer underwear, socks, ties, scarves, different models for you to choose the one that goes with your taste.

Organizer bracelets handmade

If buying an item is rewarding, without a doubt, making it yourself is much more rewarding.

To make an improvised jewelry box for your bracelets you can use a wooden box, some beer bottles, some cords and silicone and let your imagination run wild. On the web you will find thousands of ideas to decorate this improvised jewelry box.

A frame for earrings

As you read it, embroidery hoops are also a perfect idea for hanging earrings. You can look for different sizes and attach them with clips so they are all together and hang your earrings according to their size. If you do not like the idea, look it up in internet.

Glass jars for your earrings

Original and little extended idea is to store the earrings in glass jars with their lid and small hooks to hang your earrings, they will be very visible. Those with cork tops are also very attractive.

A golden tree for your necklaces

When we talk about improvisation and creativity, we can find everything. Among these ideas is to use a branch to hang the necklaces. A branch painted in gold and placed in a vase or flowerpot, provides us with a beautiful and original way to hang the necklaces.

Wooden jewelry boxes, the latest fashion cry to store your jewelry

Made of wood, a natural element, this type of jewelry box gives distinction to the interiors of the rooms. Beyond aesthetics it also acts as an insulating material because it prevents the accumulation of moisture.

Choosing a jeweler wood is to ensure that garments are a well – protected safe from attacks from outside.

How to choose the best wooden jewelry box?

We must remember that jewelry is not just a box to place belongings. Jewelry, in particular, requires care and therefore some essential criteria must be taken into account to find the ideal one.

Its size, coating, level of security, different storage , the weight of the jewelry box, the type of mirror , as well as the brand and the price are essential.

Jeweler’s size

If you have a large amount of jewelry, your box size should be about 30 x 20 x 20 cm. These dimensions allow space enough for optimal storage and closed again, can carry the box to anywhere.

The coating

In wooden jewelry boxes the coating is also an important feature. The box must be made of a light and solid wood at the same time and its interior must be covered with a flexible material such as leather and also very resistant. The finish is suggested in velvet.


Closing with a key will limit access to the jewelry box, but it is not secure , key locking is excellent.

Storage essential in wooden jewelry boxes

The organization differs from one model to another. Should s choose yours according to the jewelry that want more in sight.

Jeweler’s weight

Although this is not the most important criteria, it is necessary when purchasing a wooden jewelry box. The weight speaks about the quality of the product, a well finished box with solid materials must weigh around 2 kilos.

Keep in mind that when we put all the clothes, then it will weigh more than 3 kilos.


To verify the proper choice of clothing and jewelry you will need a mirror that can be partial or total. The partial mirror is small, it is often placed in the opening lid of the box, to have a view of the area where you place the jewelry.

The total is larger and occupies the entire surface of the jeweler’s lid. We recommend the total because with it you can visualize yourself better and evaluate how you look.

Brand and price

Brands and prices on wooden jewelry boxes can vary and range from 15 to 40 euros, depending on the size, material and available storage. We recommend you search all available, beautiful, practical and accessible products.

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