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Jewelry trends for summer 2020

You and your jewelry in a full color summer

Most of the girls spent childhood hours playing with each other creating their own rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and even hair adornments.

The little beads, seeds, shells and other accessories were enough to make you feel beautiful and happy. We spent several months when the world was shaken by the arrival of the new coronavirus, and Covid 19 forced us to stay home, isolate ourselves from friends and postpone family outings and plans.

But summer is coming and with it the opportunity to remember your childhood and give you a different style, innovative and full of colors as the new fashion trend for this time.

In summer we usually dedicate more time to share with the family, visit natural sites and cool down the heat with an exquisite bath in the sea, pools or rivers. For those occasions women love to renew their wardrobe and also the accessories that will highlight their summer style.

If they go on a trip they will wear some jewelry for elegant occasions, but bikinis and cooler and more colorful clothes will also wear their special combinations this summer.

Trends for your summer

Colours are insidious in our moods, they give darkness or light, joy or sadness and above all they allow us to enter a world full of diversity, styles, combinations and meanings. For this summer, the fashion trends in jewelry bet on giving a good touch of color in your accessories and clothes.

The jewelry will have a very unique style according to all tastes. Designers bet on combining elements that resemble marine figures, fruits, flowers and others, together with metals, cords or fabrics to achieve pieces that will catch all eyes around whoever wears them.

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings will not be missing, and gold and silver will not be out of place, but a new and fresh style will come as a ring to your finger. In addition this world full of beauty between colors will make you feel with all the energy to live an unforgettable summer.

Fruits, basins and marine elements for this summer.

The world of fruits is as diverse as the colors that distinguish them, which is why they are one of the perfect elements to give a special touch to the jewels of summer. If you decide to go to a country with a tropical climate, take a walk on the beach or share with the family in a quiet and beautiful hotel, the beauty pieces you wear should be simple, pleasant and fresh.

Many are the designs and opportunities offered by the characteristics and colors of the fruits. The jewelry can be made with crocheted fabrics, crystals or plastic, but undoubtedly some earrings with cherries, a necklace with oranges or bracelets with grapes, peaches or apples will allow you to make excellent combinations with your wardrobe.

Can you imagine a day at the beach where you can wear a colorful bikini with a fruit print and your summer jewelry is the same?

The bowls or balls, as some children know them, also offer a range of opportunities for your look this summer. Those unique colorful ¨perlitas¨ will be ideal for anklets, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and even hair ornaments.

These summer jewels will suit all outfits and combinations and when they are made with materials such as string, thread or stainless metals you can wear them in the water so you never give up your glamour and style.

The sea is another element that designers and specialists in the fashion world will take into account this year. Snails, shells, stars and marine life all offer a wide range of combinations, styles and shapes so that your appearance and the wonders of the world of the deep become one.

The jewelry with these sea accessories will make you feel free, renewed and energized to make the most of your plans with family or couple at this time of year.

The most important thing is not the elements or materials you wear, but that they fill your world with color. You will be able to choose the models, designs or styles that are of your preference, but always sure that with them they will be every day more beautiful. Also keep in mind that beyond what the experts make for you following the fashion patterns, you can also give free rein to your creativity and make at home some of your ideal jewelry for this summer.

The materials you will wear this summer of jewelry

The fact that this summer jewelry is predominantly colorful and with bold and fresh designs does not mean that you should abandon those materials that have always been your preference.

So that the garments that highlight your beauty and style continue to do so, the experts in the field work on designs and a variety of options for all tastes and purchasing levels of customers, especially thinking about the women who are the largest market.

White, yellow and pink gold

Gold is one of the most valuable metals in the world and this summer it will continue to be in fashion as it is at all times of the year. It is originally yellow in colour and with a somewhat soft texture. Its melting point can reach 1062º C and its value is measured in carats, although weight and purity are also important.

The most valuable is the 24 carat and allows for alloys to be made by joining it with other metals that are also widely used in jewellery.

White gold

By combining palladium with traditional gold, white gold is obtained, which many may mistake for silver.

It can also be mixed with silver and copper, since it was previously made with nickel but nowadays this mixture is not usually used. To make the tone more similar to white or silver, it is also combined with rhodium.

Palladium is an expensive metal and the temperature at which it is worked is different, which is why yellow gold and white have their differences beyond just the colour.

Yellow gold

One of the properties that characterize gold is its ductility, so it is not used pure in the manufacture of the pieces. By adding a 3.33% alloy to pure gold, a material of 18 carats is achieved. The mixture of copper that is added to it can vary depending on what is sought to be achieved in terms of flexibility or hardness. This mixture of gold and copper is what gives the final piece its yellow colour.

Pink gold

There are colours and jewels for all tastes, hence many prefer yellow gold, others white and some pink. Pink gold garments are made by making an alloy of 75 percent pure gold, 5 percent silver and about 20 percent copper to give them that beautiful color.

The cost of a piece of this type of gold depends on the weight and karat of the pure gold used for its manufacture. For this summer, gold can still be your favorite metal for jewelry, only it will have a special touch if combined with colored elements.

Silver and platinum

Most jewelry customers prefer gold, if it is a metal, but there are a considerable number of people who opt for silver and platinum to show off their beautiful clothes.

Silver has a gray, white or silver color, as many call it, and mostly bonds with zinc, nickel or copper because it needs to be alloyed with other metals to achieve a superior hardness.

Platinum also allows you to make beautiful creations for different tastes. Its color resembles gray but has a very unique and attractive shine that gives it a special touch. When handling it, it allows several alloys with other metals such as iridium, copper, ruthenium or nickel.

Both materials will be ideal for your summer jewellery, but don’t forget that together with coloured elements, silver and platinum will take second place to the joy of colour diversity.

Precious stones

To give a special and colorful touch to your jewelry, precious stones or gems also offer a wide range of opportunities. These beautiful elements sometimes worn by jewelry are mostly of natural origin, although some are considered organic such as amber which is fossilized resin.

In the jewelry market the most expensive is the diamond. Due to the different characteristics that are found in this world of jewelry, there are three other gems that are considered precious stones: ruby, emerald and blue sapphire.

The semi-precious stones are easier to find than the precious ones and there are more than 100 of them that are useful for this beautiful art of glamour and style.

Some of the most used for jewelry are aquamarine, alexandrite, agate, amethyst, citrine, quartz, garnet, lapis lazuli, tiger eye, onyx, opal, topaz, turquoise and others.

Other materials

The basis of the jewellery this summer will be the usual metals in jewellery combined with fresh and unique colourful elements.

Gold, silver and platinum will continue to accompany your summer days and walks along with the precious stones, but there are other less expensive materials that will also make ideal pieces for this time of year. The strings, threads for weaving, crystals, plastic, feathers and elements of the sea will allow you to look beautiful jewelry, according to the time of year and especially for all tastes and finances.

What matters most is not the material of which your jewelry is made to wear this summer, but that you enjoy it and feel it is the ideal accessory to highlight your image.

What jewelry to wear this summer?

The male public that buys jewelry for them usually wears rings, handles or chains made of gold, silver and other metals but without many combinations or colors.

However, for women it brings more diversity, joy, style and combinations that allow colorful jewelry. There are customers who prefer jewelry only bracelets, earrings or necklaces, but others love all the jewelry to highlight their beauty in hands, arms, neck, ears, hair and clothing.

For this year 2020 there are different styles and options for all tastes.


Earrings, rings or earrings will be in fashion at all times of the year, but on this occasion the different colours and materials for their manufacture will set the trend.

Gold, silver and other simple metals or combined with precious stones will continue to be worn, but they will not be the only ones.

This season also offers you to innovate and create your own style in your hands. If it’s about colors you can wear them in accordance with your wardrobe or beachwear and made with materials as simple as an elastic thread and basins or a string with marine elements. The amount or diversity of rings you want to wear depends on you and how comfortable and special you feel with them on your fingers.


Like the rings, the bracelets will continue to be made of metals and other decorative elements used in jewellery, but the summer will also bring them with refreshing touches. The fashion trends for this season will offer you rigid models that are easy to put on and take off no matter if you have thinner or thicker arms.

In addition, they will look great for days at the beach or pool, which are made with laces and various beautiful elements to always go with you. If you wear one you will look great and if you prefer several like it, feel free to show your style in a season full of color and diversity.


There will be something for everyone this summer, 2020. Many women prefer them small, attached to the ear, others hanging down but small and a good part of them like to wear them long to make their figure stand out. The varied models of this season, taken the chromatic diversity as a premise will allow you to have a real show in your ears.

As we mentioned in this article made especially for you, you will find them with figures of fruits, flowers, marine elements and metals that will make them all turn towards you when you pass by them.

The earrings, as they are also known, are an element of simplicity or elegance depending on the model and colors you use, but the indisputable thing is that with the style you approach life you will give the perfect touch and movement for them to shine and brighten up the day with you.


Other jewels that can give your body a unique beauty are necklaces. The summer has everything in terms of occasions and times of day to wear them from there will depend on which model you choose, not forgetting that the colors are those that will give the joy you need your summer 2020.

The trends bring you necklaces of different sizes, shapes and models, in your hands is to choose those that fit you best. You can use it with different elements, like the earrings, which resemble fruits, flowers and shells, among others.

This summer in colors and jewelry size XL

In other years, summer has set the trend with small and medium format jewels, but this time the size XL is consolidated in the pieces that will accompany your life.

It will be the perfect time to give up stress, problems and daily routines for a few days and give yourself some time. These oversized jewels can be chosen according to your taste and style, but will range from rings, bracelets and bracelets to pedientes and necklaces.

You can combine metals with marine elements, feathers, bowls, flowers and plastic fruits, shells and other details that will give you an extravagant but special touch.

If you are not a lover of jewels and XL size garments, don’t go out of fashion in summer. Remember that what defines the season this 2020 are the colors and you will be able to wear them with a huge range of possibilities.

Fashion is designed by experts in the field, but you are free to wear the trends that you like best or that suit your body and preferences. Decorate your summer days with beautiful clothes that highlight your beauty and style, but always with this last advice we give you: the colors give a different magic to your life and your desire to be happy at this time of year.

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