Peridot, a unique color.

The peridot belongs to the olivine group and one of its most distinctive characteristics is that it has only one color: green.

The tones or intensity may vary a little, but the iron content it has makes it one of the few stones that has a unique color.

It is considered the stone of those born in the month of August.

It is not a very hard mineral, it reaches between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale. It is not acid resistant and fractures easily when pressure is applied.

Its name has several meanings, one of them is that it comes from the Arabic term faridat which means gem.

It is also known as chrysolite that derives from the Greek chrysólithos which is a gold stone. Another term used is olivine because of the color it has and also because it belongs to that group.

In ancient times the main deposits were on the volcanic island Zabargad in the Red Sea.

It is currently found in countries such as China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Kenya, South Africa, Norway, the United States, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and others.

History of the Peridot

Peridot is a mineral that has been used since ancient times. There are passages in the bible that mention it under the name of pitdah.

It is said that this was Cleopatra’s favorite stone. They also made it reach different European churches over time.

The Egyptians called it a jewel of the sun and pirates always carried it with them because they gave it powers to ward off evil spirits and fear of the dark.

Napoleon also used it for sentimental purposes as a gift to Josefina as a token of admiration and love.

Its green color caused it to be confused with other stones, including emerald.

It is said that some supposed emerald specimens from royal treasures turned out to be peridots.

Characteristics of the peridot

Iron is an important component in the composition of peridot and it is what gives it its green color. Some elements that can intensify that tone are nickel and chromium.

It is generally transparent, but some have a luminous stripe and are known as Cat’s Eye.

Color is one of its main characteristics. The highest quality is the peridot with the deepest and most intense green. The best is about 15 percent iron, or less.

In terms of lighting, it looks best in daylight, but its bright glare does not change with artificial lights.

The peridot is more frequently made with table and step cuts, although if it is established in gold, a brilliant one is better.

It is a generally transparent stone, when it has some inclusion it can be cloudy, especially in large specimens.

In the case of star and cat’s eye peridots they show rays of light but they are not very common.

Meaning of Peridot

One of the meanings that peridot is known for is its potential to elevate our states of consciousness.

His spirituality allows us to attract what we really want and remove what can affect or harm us. It is the perfect stone to find emotional and psychological well-being.

The gem makes us more responsible for our actions, behaviors and decisions.

Protects the owner from evil eyes, envy and other negative energies. It usually attracts good spirits, positive energy and happiness.

To celebrate the 16th anniversary of marriage it is the ideal gift.

It helps to eliminate guilt and obsession, activates and cleanses the heart, a feeling of well-being and removes old guilt that affect you.

It is said that it comes from fire, that is why it is an ideal gem to give light, stability, harmony and positive spirituality to your life. It attracts prosperity and abundance.

Peridot Properties

Peridots can improve your emotional health and may love and joy never be lacking in your life. Its first property is the strong energy it possesses, even if they are small stones, because its vibration is high in any specimen.

It fends off psychic attacks, increases self-esteem and activates the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra.

It has good positivity and that radiates your world of light, encouragement, beauty, love and positivity.

It is used to balance the mind, soul and body, as its properties in the spiritual field are various.

On the physical plane, it boosts the metabolism, helps in the regeneration of tissues and benefits the skin.

It also intervenes as an alternative treatment for ailments of the eyes, lungs, spleen and to combat gallstones.

It intervenes in the regulation of the endocrine system and in the improvement of stomach ulcers.

As it activates the heart chakra, it helps to eliminate all negative things such as spite, jealousy and revenge from our lives.

It gives us clarity and balance, as well as being useful to work on hypochondria and bipolarity with their disorders.

It is protective and has a cleansing effect. Since ancient times it has been considered that it drives away evil spirits, with it you admit your mistakes more easily and enhance confidence.

It also has properties to facilitate healing, quit addictions and fall asleep.

Uses of stone

The peridot has its uses in jewelry, accessory making, and the spiritual field.

In most cases smaller stones appear of no notable value for jewelry and are not expensive.

The larger gems are ideal for rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other pieces, with a higher commercial value.

In the subjective and spiritual aspect, its use is recommended by placing it in the throat area, in addition to other points of the body where it is also useful.

For meditation, it is good to wear a jewel that contains that stone to help you connect with the divine mind.

It is a gem that increases the psychic gifts you have, especially clairvoyance. It is advisable to use it in combination with other stones that also intervene in the development of these spiritual abilities.

Cleaning the stone

To clean the mineral you can immerse it in salted water, put it under the tap for a few minutes or take it to a spring, river or waterfall.

You can also put a container with salt and bury it for a few hours or pass it through the smoke of an incense. If you are going to clean jewelry with peridot, the dry method is better for metals.

To charge it and leave it ready to have new positive energies, you can place it under the light of the full moon.

After cleaning and loading them, they can then program it with the mission you want to give it for your life.

It can also be exposed to the sun, but never for more than 15 minutes.

The star king can vary its beautiful green color and change its hue.

Another method of loading the peridot is by placing it on a transparent, white or smoked quartz druse and amethyst.

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