Topaz a Blue stone …

This beautiful stone called topaz, is currently widely used in the jewelry world for its beauty and meanings.

It was formed through fluorine fumes that were released in the crystallization process of igneous rocks and is defined as an aluminosilicate.

It generally appears as solid water in voids that are bonded to the bedrock. Currently the most recognized color of this gem in the world of jewelry is blue, but its color range is more extensive than that single tone.

It has a hardness that reaches number 8 on the Mohs scale, however it is very complex to work with because it fractures easily.

The main deposits of this gem are in Brazil, Sweden, Mexico, Japan, the Czech Republic, Norway, Germany, Burma, the United States, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and other nations of the world.

The origin of its name is still somewhat fuzzy.

Some affirm that topaz comes from the Greek and means to search, but others say that in Pliny’s writings it is reflected that his name comes from an island in the Red Sea where there were large deposits of beautiful stones called Zabargad also known as Topazos. .

Actually in those deposits what appears is olivine, often confused with topaz.

For others, topaz comes from the ancient Sanskrit where it means fire, perhaps due to the brilliant color of imperial topaz.

Some history

The history of this stone is somewhat controversial.

It is said that the most famous topaz was found in 1740, but it was mistaken for a diamond as a colorless stone.

It was named a Braganza Diamond and this confusion was due to the fact that topaz is a colorless stone that looked like diamond back then. That finding is considered a massive diamond weighing 1,680 carats.

Its use dates back many years by various civilizations and was considered an amulet, hence it was used in crowns, ornamentation and jewelry.

The Romans associated it with Jupiter, the Egyptians believed that the golden glow of the imperial topaz came from the sun god Ra, and the Greeks attributed supernatural powers to it.

Years later it was assigned to the planet Venus.

Characteristics of topaz

This gem can be found in the world of jewelry in various shades such as pink, red, yellow, orange, brown, violet and very often blue.

Its hardness allows it to be an easy stone to preserve and very durable.

Its chemical formula is Al2SiO4 (OH, F) 2. This stone can be easily manipulated by applying gamma rays or electron beams and heating it, with the aim of varying the colors.


As we have just told you, topaz can be seen in different colors in the jewelry where they are placed.

Medium blue or pale blue have been found very frequently and prices are not so high.

On the other hand there is the imperial topaz with a singular beauty and golden yellow tone, this specimen is seen in smaller quantities in the commercialization of these pieces.

Other colors that can also be found are yellow with red tones or pink to reddish.

On the other hand, topaz can be colorless, which reaches this range of colors with treatments, but some, such as pink in its natural state, can be very expensive and difficult to find.

There is also champagne topaz with a natural light or medium brown tone.

This gem can have several colors in the same stone, which is called pleochroism in terms of lighting.

Its clarity ranges from transparent to translucent and the colors can generally have a scissor cut or step. For the most colorful stones, the brilliant cut is usually used.


Many beautiful stones like this have been given properties and powers since ancient times. Many claimed that topaz was helpful in improving visual problems.

They also attributed powers to make their wielders strong and invincible.

They also say that there was a belief that the topaz changed colors if the food or drink was poisoned.

Its properties describe those of fighting bleeding, asthma and insomnia, depending on the phases of the moon.

She was assigned to the planet Venus and her esoteric powers were used as a strategy in the marketing world to increase sales of topaz jewelry.

Mental and body balance, energy and strength are other benefits that this beautiful and chromatic gem can bring about.

The most recommended to have its benefits is that the stone makes contact with our skin and thus transfers its qualities and supernatural powers.

Topaz, meaning

Over the years this stone has been attributed to those born in the month of November.

To the Romans it was a similarity to Jupiter their sun god, just as it was to Ra for the Egyptians.

In those times it was considered an amulet because its golden yellow hue was associated with the star king.

It is said that it interacts with your interior to help you always find the truth, forgive when necessary and achieve the goals that you set for yourself in life.

It also allows you to activate the awareness and knowledge that you have achieved on your way to use them to your advantage.

Depending on the colors it has, this will be its properties.

Blue, for example, allows you to connect with wisdom and angels, which is why it is highly recommended for moments of relaxation and meditation. Fighting intrigues, jealousy, and keeping stress away are other benefits.

Golds and yellows increase your spiritual recharge, attract social recognition and fame. That stone will not work miracles, but it can help you discover the greatest strengths that you keep within you, you lose nothing by trying.

Topaz and its uses

In the world of jewelry, topaz is widely used in arts, pulses, rings, necklaces and other pieces, due to the diversity of colors that are achieved by subjecting the stone to various processes and treatments.

In the case of colorless topaz, it is also booming in the world of style and beauty, since it simulates a diamond, only its cost is lower, of course because it is an imitation.

There are also some larger stones that are used to collect as a unique and exclusive item, beyond their unique beauty.

Due to their healing powers, some like to wear them in pieces of jewelry that are in direct contact with the skin.

It is also believed to speed up metabolism, aid emotional balance, and in some nations it is considered to attract beauty to women and wisdom to men.

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